Last Man Down (2021) 

Following a worldwide pandemic, a man retreats to the woods where he lives a simple life by himself. When a woman shows up at his property, things quickly become complicated (and violent). 

From a story by Fansu Njie and Daniel Stisen, a screenplay by Andreas Vasshaug, and directed by Njie, Last Man Down has some good ideas and some sequences that are executed really well, but overall, it loses the attention about twenty minutes in and struggles to regain it or keep it throughout. This is an action film that feels familiar, looks familiar, but doesn’t really come off as its own thing which in the end makes it feel like it’s all been seen before. The film has some elements that are fun, but they get lost in the rest of story. Having looked forward to a fun action film, this one not really delivering was a massive let down.  

The cast here is a mix of different nationalities, mostly all acting in English with a variety of accents. This is not an issue overall, but it makes the viewer wonder about where the story is set and why all these people are on the same team which seems to be military/paramilitary. That being said, the cast is made up of a lot of muscle and not a lot of really experienced actors. All have some credits to their names, but most seem to have a limitation in what they have done in the past. There are two or three familiar faces in there including Natassia Malte (better known for the Bloodrayne sequels and a slew of action films) and Stanislav Yanevski (better known as Viktor Krum in the Harry Potter series). The rest of the cast may be a little familiar but overall, a bunch of new faces for most viewers. Their performances are not all great here, some are ok with some are downright wooden. This means that most viewers will be watching this film for the fight sequences and other battle elements. Thankfully, there are a few good fights in this film and they are executed rather well. 

Last Man Down is a typical direct-to-VOD action film in that it’s a story that feels familiar and seems to be built for the action sequences with performances that are just ok in most cases. It’s a decent looking film, but it’s not exactly a very interesting one. The film loses the interest of its viewers early on and struggles to regain it. For big action fans there will be a little in here to look forward to, but they will most likely want to turn it off and rewatch something that they know delivers the goods. This is an action film seemingly built around its star (who is credited for the story and as a producer) and who somehow seems to not be that interested in what is going on in many sequences. The showing disinterest (whether real or just from bland acting) of most of the cast makes this one a hard one to get into, add a story that feels familiar, and expected beats, and this film becomes something that just does not keep the attention.