Pixie (2021)

In a scheme that may be completely genius or pure insanity, Pixie goes on an revenge trip with 2 friends to try and get back at those who cost her mother her life. Along the way, drugs, mobsters, and the clergy all get in the way.

Written by Preston Thompson and directed by Barnaby Thompson, Pixie is a fun little revenge romp with some nonsense thrown in for good measure. The story is a bit all over the place and it somehow all works out in the end. It’s crime film with a heart and the characters are either lovable or the complete opposite. There isn’t much middle of the road here and it’s part of what makes it fun. While being not best crime film out there, it’s a good film with something for everyone in there and a central character who’s charming and just perfect for everything going on. It’s hard to talk about this one without spoiling any of the twists and turns, so brevity is a necessity here.

In the lead of Pixie is Olivia Cooke and she is fantastic. She’s the whole reason to watch this and makes the film entirely her own with a performance that is fun to watch as she clearly knows how to show this through just about everything she does here. Her character is out for revenge, but she’s making it fun for the viewer to follow all the twists, turns, and nonsense in the story. This is one of those performance that is rather memorable in a film that has quite a few of these. Everyone around here (except one or two, but why dwell) are with her on this ride and make it as interesting as they can.

Another important character in this film is Ireland itself, both Republic and Northern as the credit indicate it was shot in both, and cinematographer John de Borman makes it look stunning as it is. The sweeping shots and just the right angles when the film has the time, or rather takes the time, to show the scenery are beautiful to look at. The more action oriented scenes are not left behind as they also look good with a good attention to detail and to what the action requires. This is one pretty film to look at and it allows the story to work as it should.

Pixie is a fun watch with a strong lead performance that could sell anything to anyone. Olivia Cooke’s work here is just about perfect and gives the film a ton of charm even though it’s a revenge film. She makes revenge look easy and like something that is worth undertaking to free oneself from the obligations put upon them by society and family.