Skin Collector (aka Shiver) (2012)

Finally releasing this week in the UK, Skin Collector follows Wendy as she is tracked and taken by a serial killer who has set his eyes on her. As she attempts to survive, his motive becomes clearer.

Based on the novel by Brian Harper, written by Robert D. Weinbach, and directed by Julian Richards, the story of Skin Collector comes off very familiar. It’s one that is easy to follow with a few twists that are guessable if you’ve watched a lot these types of films. That being said, it’s fairly enjoyable and an easy watch for a grey winter afternoon spend in pyjamas. The film does feel a bit dated, but being that it was made for release in 2012 and is now seeing a disc release in the UK (in 2021, thus 9 years later), it becomes something that can be easily be overlooked.

The main reason to watch this one here is Danielle Harris as it’s the perfect film for fans of her work with her being central to the story and giving a good performance. Also present are Casper Van Dien as the cop who is trying to save her and John Jarratt as the man who takes her. In a much too small supporting part is Rae Dawn Chong who should be getting so much more screen time as she gives a great performance normally, but is not given enough time to do so here.

Skin Collector is one of those films that will appeal mostly to fans of the case and those who want to watch and easy to follow serial killer story. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel by any mean, it still works with its content and subject quite well to give a decently entertaining final product. As mentioned, it’s a good watch on the couch one afternoon or even in the morning with the weekend large mug of coffee while you relax and just let the film play without trying to solve anything. It’s the kind of serial killer film that will appeal more to casual fans of the sub-genre than hardcore horror fans, but it works as it is.