Blood Machines (2019) [Fantastic Fest 2019]

A sequel to Carpenter Brut’s video for their track “Turbo Killer,” the sequel titled “Blood Machines” is a wonderful and beautiful feature. Written and Directed by Raphaël Hernandez, and Savitri Joly-Gonfard, “Turbo Killer” is a memorable amalgam of cyber punk, science fiction, fantasy, erotica, and so much more. The movie, at fifty minutes, is very hard to peg down and that’ll be a benefit for Carpenter Brut fans that want to see a follow up to “Turbo Killer.”

“Blood Machines” follows the harrowing exploits of two space hunters as they track a mysterious woman who just so happens to be the soul of a spaceship. When the owner of his spaceship refuses to give it up to two female thieves, it soon takes on a sentience, along with the help of a loyal female android.

“Blood Machines” is a vibrant and beautiful film that pulsates from pretty much every corner. It’s a delight of the senses filled with wonderful CGI, and some pretty excellent music altogether. The music is the lifeblood of “Blood Machines,” as the synth music from Carpenter Brut actually manages to turn the sound in to something of its own characters. Admittedly, the characters are a bit flat here and there, but the big draw isn’t the characters so much as how the music and visuals give life to the narrative. The characters are merely just instruments to the more spiritual idea about how the movie works outside the bounds of conventional science fiction.

As well it twists the concept of the spaceship in to something incredibly erotic and sexual. The movie, despite being barely an hour in length, is told in various chapters, chronicling the evolution of the main characters’ spaceship, as well as the supernatural melding of body and machine. “Blood Machines” is a clear cut tribute to “Heavy Metal” and “Metal Hurlant” and could very well be a part of a high concept anthology. On its own it’s a visually brilliant science fiction tale that successfully destroys pigeonholes and doesn’t fit in one genre. I’d highly recommend it for folks that are in the market for visual and audio feast.

Fantastic Fest runs from September 19th to September 26th.