Another WolfCop (2017)

If you loved the out there nature of “WolfCop,” you’ll be happy to know that director Dean Lowell rewards fans for their long wait for a sequel with “Another WolfCop,” a sequel that is so far out there, it’s surreal at times. Director and writer Lowell channels a lot of classic films once again, centering on our vigilante WolfCop as he protects his small town in the most violent methods, all the while concocting a premise involving the furry vigilante that feels like an amalgam of “Halloween III,” “V,” and “Howling II,” if you can believe it. That’s not where the wheel stops spinning though, as director Lowell deals his furry crime fighter a new villain that is beyond anything he’s ever experienced.

Set years later after the original, alcoholic and slob Sergeant Lou Garou is still a werewolf, and rather than locking himself up, he spends his nights slaughtering criminals in his Wolf Car, and stealing donuts from cops. His ex partner Tina Walsh catches on, and insists that he cage up the animal or else expose his alter ego to potential criminals. Meanwhile, a man named Swallow, who is a corporate executive for a beer brewery is hoping to unveil a creamy new beer to the masses, which oddly enough rubs Tina the wrong way. Even with the support of Mayor Bubba (Played by Kevin Smith—yes, that Kevin Smith), Tina is very hesitant to trust Swallows. Swallows has obvious ulterior motives as the beer serves a dual purpose. As Lou begins struggling with his animalistic urges, an old friend pops up after being abducted by aliens and must endure an odd growth in his genitals.

Oh and there’s a robot assassin, and wolf cocaine, and violent hockey cheerleaders, a werewolf sex scene, and robot goalies! Yes, it’s so fucking awesome. Dean Lowell isn’t content with dealing his fans a sequel that repeats the same beats from the first film. Lowell goes whole hog with a weird narrative about reptilian people that I quite enjoyed, if only for the fun smarmy performance by Yannick Bisson. Leo Fafard is as great as ever, adding extra punch to the character of WolfCop, all the while Amy Matysio is engaging as the rigid but bad ass Sergeant Tina Walsh. Matysio allows the character new dimension, and she evolves well over the course of the movie, especially with the developing friction with Lou.

“Another WolfCop” is a return to this wacky, weird, gory, and exciting universe created by Dean Lowell that is fearless in its absurdity and self-awareness. It knows it’s off the wall, and it embraces that concept with WolfCop going through new scenarios and facing new foes. The effects are better, the concept is so much more ambitious, and I think there’s potential for an ensemble where Dean Lowell’s oddball vigilantes have to team up. In either case, “Another WolfCop” is fantastic, and WolfCop deserves cult hero status alongside Citizen Toxie, Leslie Vernon, and Ash Williams.

In Theaters December 1st.