Sick Nurses (2007)

A group of young, sexy nurses seemingly living where they work are haunted and attacked by someone from their past.

In this film that seems to be a Thai take on the Jurei ghost story type, directors Piraphan Laoyont and Thodsapol Siriwiwat take a sub-genre, the vengeful ghost, and go to a point of insanity that is quite enjoyable. The film does not create much in terms of new aspects for the sub-genre, but it has some truly inspired moments, some really creepy sequences, and kills that are original and sometimes insane. The way they use each nurse’s obsession against her works quite well which helps the film feel fresh in its kills. The characters they create here are not particularly original or deep, they are fairly ditzy nurses completely obsessed with themselves and their love interest. The characters are even annoying at times, something that hinders any kind of sympathy that might be needed to truly care about their deaths. However, the way they die is entertaining and this helps a ton with a film of this sub-genre.

Playing the nurses and other characters, without giving away who the killer is, are Chon Wachananon, Chidjan Rujiphun, Wichan Jarujinda, Kanya Rattapetch, Dollaros Dachapratumwan, Ase Wang, Ampaiwan and Ampairat Techapoowapat. This cast plays well together, with some showing as more friendly to each other while others seems to dislike the others, something to be expected in a group of humans living and working together. The way they develop their own little character and interact is interesting enough to maintain attention. Of course, this is not Academy Award material, but they do well when they die screaming in insanely fun ways.

To add to the insanity and the lack of reality, the costumes are like a cheap sexy mag spread wardrobe, with all of the nurses being dressed more as stereotypes of sexy nurse, something that comes into play a few times in the film. These costumes by costume designer Panchalee Pintong show that the film is not to be taken entirely seriously and are clearly made for the fun of it, for the entertainment.

The décor of the hospital or clinic these nurses work at is interesting and looks to be changing as the film advances, lending itself to the films needs in terms of story, kills, and special effects. These effects are fun, decently done, and look good on screen with a lot of blood being spilled and quite a few wounds happening. Granted one particular scene could have look better, the intention behind it is clearly and it is still enjoyable even as the camera keeps away from the core of the gore and shows mostly the result which looks so-so. This is something most likely done to save on the budget and to avoid showing something that may have looked bad and ruined the kill at the center of the scene.

Sick Nurse is a fun Thai entry in the vengeful ghost sub-genre with serious Jurei influences from Japan as can be seen throughout the film. It’s violent, has cute girls, and even though it takes a while to get going, once it’s does, it goes crazy. The kills are entertaining, blood, and fun with some of them being even seriously fucked-up. Before thinking this is yet another Jurei-type title, it should be given a chance and a watch to see some insanity and an odd choice of twist at the end that is far from politically correct but might still say something about society and people’s fears and obsessions.