The Deja Vuers (2017)

Director Chris Esper and writer Jason K. Allen have a lot of ideas about fate, irony, and destiny and integrates them well in his absurdist comedy short about a couple that meets on a bench one afternoon. “The Deja Vuers” is funny, but it’s also quite intelligent, arousing some unique thoughts about how much control we have over our own lives. Are we following some rhythm, or are we voluntarily setting the stage for our own futures? Kris Salvi is great as a man named Chuck who approaches Morgan one day while sitting on a park bench. He insists he’s had déjà vu with her, and remembers them meeting in a dream.

In the dream there’s a certain sequence of events that lead him to believe perhaps they were fated to be together. Despite his insistence, Morgan is pretty bothered by him and does anything to assure he leaves her alone. But when a portal opens up, they’re approached by others, allowing them perhaps take a peek in to various paths they can take in their lives. Kris Salvi and Christie Devine are very good in their roles, offering a chemistry that’s wry and entertaining. Craig Capone is also a scene stealer as Elias, a man who walked in to a portal and finds Morgan and Chuck on the bench.

Surely, these people are probably fated to meet one another, but are they supposed to be together? Does anyone really know what the future really has in store, in the end? I also liked the final scene as an indication that perhaps the narrative just isn’t over, as fate and destiny are an almost infinite concept. “The Deja Vuers” is a very creative and fresh short film with some thought provoking themes, as well as providing a pretty funny means of delivering those ideas. Writer Allen’s screenplay is wry and witty, and the direction by Esper is allows for the fantasy element to seep through what would have been a flat scenario with a lesser director. Look for “The Deja Vuers” at a festival near you.