Meow (2017)

Chris Jopp’s short horror film feels like a lost segment from “Cat’s Eye.” It’s a nice and fun horror tale about fate intervening and coming to rescue of someone who didn’t know they needed rescuing. Samantha just moved in to a new apartment in a new town and has to deal with an overbearing mother who insists in calling her every chance she gets. What worse, is that she also has to deal with a very intrusive and overly attentive landlord who insists that pets are not allowed in the building.

One night in the alley next to her apartment she attracts the attention of a stray cat who she decides to keep, despite her landlord’s demands. Named “Meow,” events spiral out of control when she realizes her cat might be demonic and murdering locals from her neighborhood. Before long Samantha is not sure what her cat is up to, despite it showing up at her feet every night covered in blood. “Meow” has some neat plot twists and builds interesting characters we want to root for, including Samantha.

She’s given an interesting innocence and courage thanks to the strong performance by Eleonore Dendy, and is anxious to believe her new cat is more misunderstood than a flesh eating demon. “Meow” is a very good dark comedy that offers up a very fun tone with a lot of splatter humor and plot twists that will be sure to catch the viewer by surprise. “Meow” is an entertaining horror comedy and one that satisfyingly twists the themes of the paranoia of living in the big city while as well as the inherent dangers lurking in every corner. I hope we see more from Chris Jopp and Eleonore Dendy in the future.