What The Fantasia?! 5 WTF Films from Fantasia’s International Film Festival

Fantasia International Film Festival is renowned for showcasing some of the best and weirdest of the film world.  As someone who started going their second year and started seriously going for multiple screenings per week in 1999, some of the weird films I’ve seen cannot be unseen.  So, just to bring some to attention and have a bit of fun, here are five of the most WTF films I’ve seen.

mgsMutant Girl Squad (Japan) (2010)
It’s Japanese, there are crazy mutant girls who fight for the survival of all mutants and humans alike.  Tak Sakaguchi is the villain with a sword growing from his belly.  This film is insane and a ton of fun.  The mutants here are absolutely crazy.  This one is in the tradition of Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl.

rubber-movieRubber (France, Angola) (2010)
A serial killer tire is on a rampage, killing everyone in his path with its psionic power.  The public becomes obsessed with following the story.  This film should have been ridiculous and boring but it catches the attention and makes the viewer want to know what happens next.  It’s also a good metaphor on the world’s fascination with crime sprees and temporarily famous personas.

theburningbuddhamanThe Burning Buddha Man (Japan) (2013)
Following a series of Buddha statue thefts and the murder of her parents a young girl goes through feelings of guilt, responsibility, and loneliness while battling these feelings, she meets a being that looks to be her parent and Buddha all rolled into one.  This one is so trippy; it’s hard to explain its appeal without saying “just watch it”.  It’s captivating in its weirdness and stunning visuals, worth watching even though the story may be hard to follows.

After School MidnightersAfter School Midnighters (Japan) (2012)
Once again from Japan, this story of three school girls going through adventures after dark in their boarding school with a talking skeleton, an anatomical statue, and a bunny.  It’s really fun and visually loud.  The animation is a bit odd but the story with its unusual evolution and horror themes keeps the attention while also making one wonder what the hell they are watching.

live-freaky-die-freakyLive Freaky, Die Freaky (USA) (2006)
Charles Manson returns to save the people of 3069, as told by puppets and songs.  The WTF level is very high with this one just based on that.  It’s weird and not particularly great but most definitely worth seeing.  Manson is voiced by Billie Joe Armstrong with extra voices by Jane Wiedling, Sean Yseult, Benji Madden, Tre Cool, Travis Barker, et al.