Reversion (2015)

reversionThe makers of Oubli, a device that allows its wearer to relive moments from their past, prepare for a huge launch which could make or break the company.  Sophie Cle, daughter to Oubli’s creator Jack Cle, is the biggest proponent of the device.  That is until she gets kidnapped and shown a different truth which makes her question everything she knows.

Reversion was directed and co-written by Jose Nestor Marquez with writer Elissa Matsueda. Previously, Marquez worked on a film called Isa about a conspiracy through the government to control thoughts/minds.

This film is connected to Reversion on more than a thematic level as one of the supporting characters in Reversion is named Isa and played by the same actress.  The story here revolves around a device called Oubli which means something akin to “forgotten” or “not remembered” in French, a device made to help people remember and relive specific memories.  The cost of this is not simply monetary as more is at risk.  The story here explores the ethics and repercussions of technological advancements.  The main character is Sophie Clé whose last name means “key” in French, another name that is not accidental.

The characters and situations build a mystery wrapped up in technological advancements which keep the viewers’ attention throughout. Sophie Clé is interpreted by Aja Naomi King who turns in a solid performance of a character with hidden information within herself which is not an easy part.  Supporting her are Gary Dourdan as her driver, Colm Feore as her father, Jeannette Samano as her kidnapper, and Amanda Plummer as the mysterious woman with a lot of information.  All turn in good performance, Feore and Samano giving the best ones of the support group with layers being peeled back as the story evolves.

The film is shot in two different styles, one for the main story and one just slightly different for the memories brought back by the Oubli device, adding to the mystery of whether or not these memories are real or not and as to if they have been tinkered with to make their owner happy. To support these styles, the score is created in part within the movie for the Oubli sequences which have a dream like feeling in great part due to the sounds and music making their ambiance felt by the viewers, immersing them into the character’s experience. This effect adds a lot to the movie and its atmosphere as a whole.

Reversion is an interesting watch that will make the viewer think about how far technology has come, how far it could go, and if it should be allowed to go that far.  The film keeps the mystery and intrigue going throughout its runtime while not giving everything away, making it a movie with a rewatchability factor.