World of Tomorrow (2015)


The crude animation for “World of Tomorrow” seems like something that would distract from the overall experience, but thankfully Don Hertzfeldt’s short is still very powerful. The impact of the message and the ideas about time travel and unchangeable destiny still resonate, and the crude animation and simplistic voice work almost seem to compliment the abstract ideas presented here.

Director Hertzfeldt presents a very touching and sad short movie about a young girl named Emily who is visited by her future self. Set during an unspecified time period, adult Emily travels back to discuss the future with young Emily, a four year old girl. Through young Emily, Emily Prime is able to garner some keen insight in to complex and tragic events that occur in the future. Meanwhile Young Emily is incapable of really comprehending the extent of suffering her and her future self, including clones, will have to endure as Earth promises to change all around them.

“World of Tomorrow” envisions a new and vast future for Emily, one that is filled with human woes despite the technological advancements made. This involves clones, making friends with inanimate objects, and horrific loss. Hertzfeldt conducts the voice work well, bouncing the work of both performers beautifully, offering unique spins on the idea of human suffering. Don Hertzfeldt’s animated short is a wonderful little look at the oddity of life that is both filled with joy and pain. It’s a bittersweet and thoughtful meditation on life, living in the moment, and never dwelling on what could be, or what should have been. Rent “World of Tomorrow” here.