Some Kind of Hate (2015)


Adam Egypt Mortimer‘s “Some Kind of Hate” may be polarizing to some viewers, because much like its contemporaries like “Carrie,” and “The Final,” there simply are no winners or heroes in this narrative. It’s a tragic tale about people losing left and right, and the vicious cycle of bullying. Being the victim of bullying can be a stain on your persona forever, and it resonates as a horrific echo for eternity. “Some Kind of Hate” is a grim and brutally bleak horror film about bullying and how it musters up something really bad from beyond the grave. Mortimer keeps “Some Kind of Hate” consistently torturous by closing off any avenues of hope for his characters.

We meet Lincoln Taggert (Ronin Rubenstein), a stressed young man living with an alcoholic father who is terribly abused in school by a gang of thugs. When he decides to fight back, he’s blamed for their injuries and shipped off to a summer program for delinquents. Just his luck, he arouses the attention of a trio of bullies that seem to delight in tormenting Lincoln. Fleeing from a fight, Lincoln accidentally summons the vengeful spirit of a young girl named Moira (Former Disney alum Sierra McCormick). Moira is a vicious, relentless, and merciless soul who begins horribly murdering Lincoln’s tormentors staging their suicides. Their murders soon begin to unearth secrets about the camp and inflict a tidal wave of pain on everyone involved in these seemingly mundane acts of suicide.

What ensues is a conflict of conscience with Lincoln, who is desperate to rid himself of his tormentors, but is terrified at the lengths Moira is willing to go to to please him. Grace Phipps is very good as an enigmatic camper who takes a shine to Lincoln and begins to realize that Lincoln has unwittingly invoked the tortured spirit of Moira, who is unwilling to cease her murders. All around “Some Kind of Hate” is compelling and very effective, casting some very good performers to help convey the themes about taking bullying much too far. Rubinstein is great as the tortured Lincoln, who can’t find peace in his life. Lincoln is someone whose pain will eventually end in death, while Moira is the ugly result of pain taken one step too far. Sierra McCormick completely steals the movie away as the ghastly Moira (McCormick is an amazing screamer), who can damage anyone she seeks out by inflicting pain on herself.

While she’s a gradually evil specter, and terrible reminder of past misdeeds, she’s also spotlighted throughout the film as someone still suffering after death, seeking retribution. Moira isn’t just a great villain, but she’s the manifestation of pain inflicted by others. “Some Kind of Hate” is a drama first and foremost, focusing on the more terrifying aspect of pain inflicted by the living that makes Lincoln’s life utterly miserable, and then veers right in to rather complex and chaotic horror (the massacre in the finale is disturbing), where Moira begins as a tool that must eventually be stopped. “Some Kind of Hate” is a top notch horror effort, and a striking drama. Most of all, it is a very relevant tale about the heinous act of bullying, and the horror it can inflict.

Now available theatrically and on VOD and iTunes.