LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom! (2015) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]


A flying Hall of Justice?! I want one! I want two! “Attack of the Legion of Doom!” is pretty much one of the more endearing glorified LEGO commercials Warner has released this year. Surely, it’s an ad for all their neato DC Comics toys, but it also is a fun and really funny comic book animated movie that has a blast with its characters. While these movies may not be for the more hardcore DC fanatics, they’re definitely wonderful entrance points for young aspiring comic buffs that want to figure out who among the Justice League is their favorite.

Cyborg is essentially the main character of the movie. He’s a new Justice League member anxiously trying to prove himself, and looks up to Batman more than anyone on the team. When the team battles the foe the Trickster, Cyborg’s good intentions turn disastrous and he doubts his own abilities as a superhero. Meanwhile Lex Luthor is forming a new team of super villains named the Legion of Doom, and he is recruiting the best of the worst with the help of Darkseid. He also plans to break in to a top secret government facility to unleash a mysterious alien on the Justice League.

As with all the animated LEGO movies, “Attack of the Legion of Doom!” is very well animated, and has a knack for creating fun gags with its LEGO props. There’s just something funny about a speedy LEGO Flash, or watching Cyborg’s trusty Cy-Bot do the robot in the finale. If you appreciate the kind of humor these movies push, you’ll have a good time with this. I sure as hell did, and I loved how all the characters were portrayed. The movie is light and colorful with a lot of really funny gags that work to the benefit of the story. Some of the funnier moments include Deathstroke’s flawless entry in to an obstacle course that prompts him to be catapulted out of the Legion auditions, and Flash and GL’s constant bid for attention from Wonder Woman.

The movie will appeal to most young fans thanks to the diverse teams that are on display; Cyborg is especially charming as a resourceful and brilliant technician who is also a bad ass half man and half cyborg. The voice work is half the charm of the movie, as Khary Payton returns to voice Cyborg, while folks like Nolan North, Troy Baker and Grey Griffin are hilarious as DC’s big three. Tony Todd is also very good as the villainous Darkseid. “Attack of the Legion of Doom!” is fun, funny, and a very exciting tongue in cheek DC adventure that will work for audiences that appreciate LEGO’s brand of humor. I highly suggest this for younger comic book fans.

The combo pack comes with a DVD and Digital Copy. The Blu-Ray comes with “Click, “Zap, Boom! Creating the Sound Design” a very in depth look at the sound design of the film with producer and director Brandon Vetti, foley mixer Aran Tanchum, and sound designer Rob McIntyre. It goes very deep in to how they create the sound effects for the movie and will really appeal to younger fans.