Bikini Avengers (2015)


There’s just something not quite right about “Bikini Avengers.” Technically it should have been a fun and funny spoof of superhero movies, but going in to it, I was pretty bored and altogether it felt like one big missed opportunity. Normally bad acting and pretty shitty budgets don’t affect these kinds of soft core spoof films, but for “Bikini Avengers,” it pretty much bogs down what could have been a fun movie. There’s also the humor which really does miss the mark quite often.

The jokes fall flat and never land the way the writers intend to. There’s just so much dated humor about superheroes that none of it ever works to the benefit of the movie itself. “Bikini Avengers” follows two intrepid reporters that are also two masked superheroes named the Bikini Avenger and Thong Girl. They’re battling an evil villainess named the Jade Empress who is stealing diamonds for some reason. I think she wants to create a machine to take over the world, but it’s not really explored very much. She’s targeting a princess to kidnap her and or take her diamonds. Again, it’s never made clear. Now it’s up to the gal pals to find the princess and prevent her plan from being accomplished.

I never take movies like this seriously, but I love them because they promise a guilty laugh or two. Here, “Bikini Avengers” just seems to be going through the motions and doesn’t deliver on much of its concept. There’s even the idea that these superheroes are Bikini Superheroes and never wear a bikini. You’d think making it aware in the movie through a line of dialogue would prevent the obvious notice of this flaw, but it only serves to prove how lazy the movie feels. Even the performances aren’t bad on a comical level, but more on a level where you can almost sense the boredom in the performers. And that says a lot for a softcore comedy. In any case, there’s at least Jacqui Holland and Erika Jordan to ogle.