Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989): Collector’s Edition [Bluray/DVD]


“I like movies that make America look great. Like “Rambo III”!”

“Teenage Wasteland” is about as inept a slasher movie as you can get, and yet it’s oddly compelling. Once again campers begin disappearing at the hands of Angela, and no one really knows why or wants to know where they went. All Angela has to say is “They went somewhere” and that’s fine for the cannon fodder that appear throughout “Sleepaway Camp III.”

Though I’m not going to bring too much logic in to this movie series, by now the fact that Angela isn’t exactly who she appears to be is a moot point. The fact she seems so intent on continuing to go back to camps is the baffling character element. She is so insistent she makes Jason Voorhees look lazy. There is a shocking amount of characters introduced only for them to be killed off minutes later; the writer doesn’t even try to get us to like the people that become Angela’s prey. Which is sad because some of them I quite liked, including Snow boy. You have to love how he spray paints a camping tent and screams “Party all night! Teenage Wasteland!” Of course, Angela doesn’t like this camp filled with ne ‘er do wells and wayward youths, so she begins murdering them one by one.

Some of them she murders with a branch, some with an axe, and another with a garbage truck. Angela takes up the identity of a wayward youth, and decides to attend camp in her place, meanwhile establishing her identity among her ranks of criminals and young thugs. While at Camp New Horizons, Angela takes it upon herself to murder anyone that slightly annoys her or skews her moral code, and that’s just about everyone. The murders are creative if poorly staged, and the movie counts more toward horror comedy than slasher fodder. Surely it garners enough kills to be considered a slasher, but it edges more toward horror satire most often. Pamela Springsteen is back as Angela and pulls off the role as Angela Baker well, hiding among the ranks of teens and killing them off with about as creative a manner as possible. “Teenage Wasteland” is a fitting end to a wacky trilogy of slasher films.

Scream Factory features “A Tale of Two Sequels – Part Two” the documentary that started with “Unhappy Campers” which now continues in to “Teenage Wasteland.” There’s eight minutes of “Behind the Scenes Footage,” and the work print of the longer cut from VHS that features a ton of gore that the official cut skimped out on. It’s poor quality, but that’s the point. There is are eight minutes of deleted scenes, the Home Video Trailer, the short film “Tony Lives!” a still gallery, and finally an audio commentary with Director Michael A. Simpson and Writer Fritz Gordon.