Please Punish Me (2015)


Scottie is experiencing a change of life that has him rethinking where he’s going and even worse is the fact that his massive success has nothing to do with drive or ambition. It’s merely dumb luck. Director Chris Esper’s “Please Punish Me” is a funny and charming dramedy about a man looking for a direction in life who finds it in the unlikeliest of places.

After giving a bunch of executives the shaft at his forma promotion announcement, Scottie is given a card by a colleague to a dominatrix to inflict punishment on him. Before long he’s at the front door of a sadistic woman who may be the key to clarity. Director Chris Esper’s dramedy is very good and garners some top notch production quality as well as some ace performances by the entire cast.

The direction is shaky in some instances particularly the establishing shots, but that doesn’t bring down what is an otherwise fine and interesting coming of age film about knowing what you want out of life. David Sackal is charming in his role, while Joanna Donofrio is also quite good in her role as a dominatrix who may know why Scottie feels he deserves such cruel punishment in the form of sadism. I really like what Chris Esper has to offer in the realm of thirty something dramedy and I hope to see more from him in the future.