Garfield’s Halloween Adventure (1985)


There’s nothing funnier than watching Garfield and Odie prepare for a holiday. There’s something about the holidays that helps Garfield set aside his dislike for the dog, and turns him in to a friend. This time it’s for the sake of a large grab of candy for Halloween, as he figures out he could get more of it if he brings Odie along. I knew I liked Garfield for a reason, because just like me, his favorite holiday is Halloween. No trees, no relatives, just candy. That’s how it’s done.

This adventure sees Garfield and Odie preparing for their big night out to trick or treat, and Garfield’s search for the perfect costume. After deciding on a pirate ensemble, the pair trots out to take on the night, and figure out new ways to garner more candy. In one humorous instance, Garfield threatens to destroy a woman’s house in a pirate’s voice, prompting her to scoop more candy for him. Eventually the pair come across a spooky variety of trick or treaters that may or may not be human, and are led to a giant mansion. I love when kids series and animated movies intended for kids weren’t afraid to spook them out. Back then when it was about or on Halloween, the animated specials took some effort to spook the viewer, and this one is no exception.

Upon their arrival at the mansion, Garfield and Odie come face to face with a very spooky and creepy old man in a chair who proceeds to tell them a story about ghost pirates. It’s weird how out of place this character is, because he’s so detailed and incredibly menacing. The voice of Lou Rawls fuels the nightmarish character who frightens Garfield and Odie so much they high tail it and eventually lose their candy. Garfield being Garfield, braves the ghost pirates to get his candy back and the special ends on an ambiguous note. The special is funny, creepy, and about as Halloween oriented as you can get. There’s even a hilarious gag of John being stuck with a Jack O’Lantern head after Garfield scares him. No one does the holidays better than Garfield. Except, maybe Charlie Brown.