P2 (2007)


Franck Khalfoun’s “P2” is such a fun over the top woman in peril horror movie that even the worst aspects of it compliment the experience. West Bentley as the villain chews every bit of scenery to the point where he even seems to be competing with the dog he co-stars with, and eventually the gorgeous Rachel Nichols is put in to a slinky white dress and remains in it for the duration of the movie. But you can’t help but enjoy “P2,” either way since it amounts to a fun albeit formula slasher thriller.

Nichols stars as business woman Angela Bridges, a distant and often isolated young woman who is rushing to visit her family for Christmas. After her car breaks down in the parking lot, Angela realizes she’s been locked in the office building with no way out. Even worse, the lonely and odd security guard Thomas (Bentley) has trapped her inside and is intent on keeping her with him for Christmas festivities. A usual came of cat and mouse ensues between the pair, as Angela struggles to keep the erratic Thomas placated, while also avoiding the wrath of his vicious Rottweiler. Most of “P2” revolves around the underground parking garage and how Angela eventually figures out how to outwit Thomas.

Though Bentley plays Thomas like an incoherent drunk prone to childish tantrums, Thomas is a fairly threatening villain. Director Khalfoun manages to draw an interesting occasionally tense narrative out of the limited scenery, turning the parking garage in to a bonafide death traop for Thomas’ pleasure. Nichols is a bombshell of a woman who plays the courageous heroine well. The transformation Angela overtakes through the course of the film is interesting, and her battle with Thomas and his attack dog make for some really intense and violent moments of carnage. “P2” is definitely an underrated thriller that overcomes its formula trappings and ends as a really entertaining horror thriller utilizing Rachel Nichols to its full advantage.