Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation (1992)


One of the hallmarks of my youth in the nineties, “How I Spent My Vacation” was the credit Tiny Toons finally got, even if it was just on home video. That was okay, since the real fans of the series could take home their favorite Tiny Toon pals and re-visit their wacky summer time and time again. I must have seen “How I Spent My Vacation” a hundred times on VHS, and thankfully (much like the series) the movie holds up surprisingly well, and is still very funny. “How I Spent My Vacation” follows the group from “Tiny Toon Adventures” as they all are pulled in various directions for their summer vacations.

While they’re all normally getting in to hijinks together, this summer has grabbed them and delivered fates of their own. There are various sub-plots, two of which include Buster and Babs drifting out to sea after a water gun fight goes awry, and Plucky intruding on Hamton’s family trip to Happy World Land. As you can imagine, the events are wild and hilarious, especially considering Plucky endures such horrific, often disgusting punishment just to get to a theme park that seems too good to be true. I’m also a big fan of Fowlmouth’s journey to the movie theaters with Fifi, talking through the movie so frequently that the movie’s stars break the fourth wall to tell him to shut up. Babs and Buster keep their chemistry as fun as ever, as they wade through the open sea and come face to face with a family of hillbilly possums, a la “Deliverance.”

Much of Plucky’s journey is horrendous with his bird bath ending in the realization he’s using someone else’s sweat, and Hamton’s vomiting all over a priceless comic. There’s also Plucky’s harrowing confrontation with a psychotic hitchhiker who plans to murder Plucky for being a bit too nosey. “How I Spent My Vacation” has a limited time to tell its story and the writers handle the sub-plots well, allowing us to view most of the fan favorite characters on their mad cap summer vacations, and eventually ending the entire narrative with a plot hole. Literally. “How I Spent My Vacation” is still such a demented animated film that proves the Tiny Toons were a special byproduct of the Looney Tunes and deserved their own ongoing franchise alongside their predecessors. “How I Spent My Vacation” proves that the series was anything but a mere cash in.