Demonic Toys 2: Personal Demons (2010)


Well, one thing I can say about “Demonic Toys 2” is that it at least tries to feature the monsters from Demonic Toys. It avoids bringing back the laser shooting robot, and the evil teddy bear for obviously budgetary purposes, but it seems to try. There are moments even when we see the demonic toys in full form. But that’s rare. Basically “Demonic Toys 2” can’t hold a candle to the original. Which is sad considering the original was barely mediocre to begin with.

The bright side is that William Butler’s sequel doesn’t look like it has the production quality of a porn movie. “Demonic Toys 2” garners the typical formula of bringing together a group of evil people, and killing them off one by one. Motivated by greed, the various characters that assemble in the castle, try to pillage the treasures when they hope to bring back an evil spirit for a seance. An evil devil toy comes to life and decides to bring to life two of the four toys from the original film. The jack in the box with the jagged teeth is back for some gnawing on human faces, while the baby doll is revived a la Chucky with a stitched up face.

After a five minute opening featuring a mysterious sculptor bringing together the dismantled toys (Why does every new Full Moon film have to have filler?), we’re introduced to the very contrived premise, that leads in to one of the more droning supernatural mysteries concocted. The curator of the castle gets in to a romance with a hunky cabbie, and there’s a greedy young heiress who hopes to find jewels within the castle.

Meanwhile, the toys just want to run around and kill people while the devil looks on, goading them in to subservience. “Demonic Toys 2” is short on scares and gore, and very heavy on camp. The seance scene goes on way too long, and is absolutely ridiculous, while the unveiling of the personal demon looks like a scene ripped out of a Tenacious D music video. “Demonic Toys 2” is not unwatchable, but it’s a long way from being a notch above abysmal. I could have thought of better plots for a sequel to “Demonic Toys,” a concept still ripe with potential.