Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 (2012)

The Marvel one shot short film “Item 47” is a movie set in the universe of the Avengers, that woks as an epilogue to “The Avengers” and a prologue to “Agents of Shield.” I’m sure this movie was created to test the waters by Marvel for a potential SHIELD TV series, and what with fans demanding more from this scenario, Marvel now has the upcoming SHIELD show to give fans more of the Marvel Live action universe.

“Item 47” is set directly after the battle of New York, where the guns left behind the robot army of Loki’s were left behind and are now being sold on the black market. Bennie, a poor young man has figured out how to engineer it to work, and is now on the road with his wife Claire using the gun to rob banks. They’re both looking for early retirement and are now doing so by robbing banks and making a clean break. What’s worse is that there are people all over the country being sold the guns and are now using them for nefarious purposes. No way is Marvel going to bank roll a short film on the fly. “Item 47” is a test for fans to see what they wanted, and thanks to the big reaction from this short film we now have the show that fans have wanted for a very long time.

The agents of SHIELD are a fascinating and benevolent force in the Marvel universe, and they’re filled with unique areas of technology and crime fighting that they can warrant a show lasting more than eight seasons. With Bennie and Claire on the lam, SHIELD sends in their new number two Agent Sitwell to stop the pair, now that Agent Coulson is out of commission. “Item 47” is a fun and nice little interlude in the Marvel Universe, and explores how everything in the Marvel world has a chain reaction that effects literally everyone around it. Who knows how many more people have weapons? Who knows how many super powered beings are out there and were revealed during the explosions and destruction? “Item 47” is a slick and worthwhile short film that will definitely give you a cliff notes idea of who and what SHIELD is before ABC airs the series. At the presencI expect big things and have high hopes.