Adam and Dog (2011)

Writer and director Minkyu Lee presents a hypothetical and bittersweet animated short about the first dog ever created. Somewhere along the line after the creation of man and woman, God figured he’d create a dog. The dog however had to find its purpose in nature, and “Adam and Dog” garners an interesting story about man and dog eventually became best friends in nature. Upon the creation of man, the dog found his way around the startling and often frightening landscapes of the world, and Lee presents us with vast and fantastic terrain in which the dog travails.

During a moment of curiosity, Dog finds Adam in the trees, and the pair spark a friendship where Dog learns that he loves the company, and Adam finds a companion in the midst of the wilderness. Lee’s animation is magnificent, with strokes of color and landscapes that make this world feel dream-like and utterly enormous.

And though the animated movie is short, “Adam and Dog” garners its own unique bit of conflict and undercurrent of sadness, as Adam soon finds Eve, and learns that he’d rather have a woman than a dog. Though the film isn’t inherently religious, it does use the garden of Eden theme to unfold its narrative, and ends on a very touching note where, despite being abandoned, the dog decides he’ll stick by his master, no matter what. A beautiful and touching short animated film, “Adam and Dog” is a gorgeous take on what happened to the first dog ever created and how it became essential to man’s survival and happiness.