A Date with An Angel (2012)

Director Mark Millicent’s “A Date with an Angel” feels almost like a condensed episode of “The Twilight Zone” like “The Hitch-hiker ” or “Time Enough, At Least” where the audience gets a word of warning in the end and really is asked to heed the advice. The short film itself is a very compelling and often spooky short about a young man on the path to destruction and the mysterious little girl trying to keep him from becoming yet another lost individual.

Tom DeMar plays a biker on a path of destruction who takes a detour to a rock cliff to settle down. Before he realizes it, he’s being followed and questioned by a cherubic young girl who is insistent on interrogating this biker in every form of his life. In spite of his warnings to leave, she persists in her questioning and asks that he sticks around for a while rather than going back out on the road. The tone set by director Millicent is great with an often unsettling atmosphere that signals to the audience something beyond our understanding is occurring, but we’re never sure what.

Tom DeMar and actress Taylor Colbert give very good performances, playing well off of one another and completing the intend dichotomy posed by Millicent with the innocence and the rebellious, both of whom form a yin yang element to the story. The breaking of the fourth wall in the final scene is a risky point in the film, but Colbert’s performance matched with Millicent’s strong direction make it the icing on the cake in a very strong short film. A short and to the point mystery drama, “A Date with an Angel” is a clever cautionary tale that pairs two great performers in an ironic story for folks who appreciate tales about karma and fate.