Zombie Town (2007)

Someone, somewhere thought it’d be a good idea. Whether it was the choice of the filmmakers, the producers, or the distributor, someone thought it’d be a good idea to title this zombie flick “Night of the Creeps 2: Zombie Town.” I guess someone thought since this is a zombie film revolving around parasitic slugs that create the walking dead, therefore it should be considered a sequel.

Maybe someone loved the Fred Dekker cult classic and thought this would eventually be considered a sequel if they branded it as such. In any case, “Zombie Town” is about as much of a sequel to “Night of the Creeps” as those awful Taurus Entertainment sequels “Creepshow III” and “Day of the Dead: Contagium” are to their respective classic films.

I’m not saying “Zombie Town” is anywhere near as awful as the aforementioned titles, but on some occasions it can come close. After a really goofy prologue, we meet Jake, a small town mechanic who has a run in with a group of zombies in the woods with his brother Denton. Going for help after Denton is bitten, Jake returns with authorities to discover his brother has become a flesh eating zombie. Of course logic dictates that if you see someone with bloody wounds and eating someone’s body part, you have to take them to the sheriff’s office. Oh no wait, you take them to the hospital.

But I digress. After Jake’s brother proceeds to explode releasing alien slugs, soon the towns folks begin getting overrun by the little buggers. “Zombie Town” suffers from a lot of really unusual and badly written scenes. I never understood what the intent was on focusing on the bingo scene other than giving local actors and friends of the production crew something to do, and I’m still not sure what the purpose of the prologue was. I think without it, the film could have been a lot more watchable. “Zombie Town” really has no idea how to work logic in to the story, so most of the narrative is pretty ridiculous. If you thought aliens being vulnerable to water in “Signs” was dumb, wait until you discover alien slugs can be brought down by table salt. And once and for all, are the zombies dead or are they merely possessed by alien slugs?

Do zombie bites turn you in to a zombie or do the slugs? The night shots are just awful as the director insists on planting a fake moon in the sky that looks like a glimmer effect from Adobe Photoshop. Most scenes are very poorly framed, so any hope of tension or suspense is lost in a haze of close-ups and shaky panning that never quite works to the benefit of the story. Conveniently, the big zombie crazed finale ends in a closed off warehouse with protective mats on the windows. You know, just in case of zombie splatter. “Zombie Town” has a lot of ambition and none of the budget to feed the director’s attempts to tell a moderately decent zombie story. The editing is terrible, the directing is worse, and the script can never seem to make up its mind on what kind of story it’s trying to tell, “Zombie Town” is a forgettable and terrible indie zombie flick that fails to break the mold or even entertain.