Puppet Master III: Toulon's Revenge (1991) [Blu-Ray]

“Toulon’s Revenge” is by far the best of the “Puppet Master” movies and the peak of the series. After the third installment, the series pretty much spiraled in to abysmal depths. “Toulon’s Revenge” is a smartly crafted revenge tale that takes a step back in the mythos and discovers Toulon’s life. Where parts one and two explored the evil of the puppets and madness of Toulon, “Toulon’s Revenge” is a prequel that explores a time where Toulon was a noble genius, and his puppets an innocent group of anti-heroes. With “Toulon’s Revenge,” director David Couteau manages to comprise a strong back story for Toulon, whose entire hatred toward humanity and lunacy is given a rhyme and a reason, thanks to his battle with the Nazis, and the officer that takes the life of his wise.

“Toulon’s Revenge” has wonderful dramatic tension and introduces one of the most popular puppets in the series, Six Shooter. We’re also shown the origin of the mainstay puppet, Leech Woman whose origin is just as gripping as Toulon’s own mission for revenge against an evil Nazi officer, played by the late Richard Lynch. “Toulon’s Revenge” is sadly about as good as the series got, as the future films in the series never quite lived up to the full potential of Toulon’s life and the puppets use for violent acts. But if you’re one who considers this an unofficial trilogy, this is a great ending. Along with the re-mastered re-release on Blu-Ray from Full Moon Entertainment, there are some great features for fans of the film.

There’s a three minute introduction from Full Moon founder Charles Band who, from the set of Puppet Master X, discusses the future of Full Moon and Blu-Ray. There’s an audio commentary from director David DeCouteau and writer C. Courtney Joyner. As is the case with most Full Moon releases, there’s a twenty one minute Video Zone from the original VHS that looks at the production of “Puppet Master III” as well as other Full Moon films, a two minute montage of the puppets in action, and a two minute commercial for Full Moon toys and merchandise. “Toulon’s Revenge” is still the best of the Puppet Master Series and manages to depict the puppets at their all time best with Six Shooter entering the fray along with a look back at the origins of the dreaded Toulon and his creations. It’s very much worth the purchase.

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