Puppet Master II (1991) [Blu-Ray]

For reasons I can’t possibly understand, the subtitle “His Unholy Creations” has been taken off the title for “Puppet Master II,” and now it’s just “Puppet Master II.” Which is a shame, considering “His Unholy Creations” is a fine summary of the film’s entire premise. A direct follow-up to the first film, “His Unholy Creations” is a notch above the first film with a better story, thicker tension, and much more interesting grue. The characters of Toulon’s puppets are also given a clearer definition and motive. As well, they’re given a larger screen time, allowing them to wreak pure havoc on all kinds of hapless humans and really causing intense pain.

Before “Toulon’s Revenge,” the second film in the series is perhaps my favorite, as it’s a twisted look at the madness of Toulon, and how he control his puppets to do his bidding. Dave Allen’s direction is still very atmospheric with some wonderful scenes of brooding tension and suspense. The villain Toulon is creepy and morbid with his master plan being about as insane as he is. As well there is also some insight in to the past of Toulon, who spent most of his years as a master puppeteer who traveled the world. With some creative claymation, “His Unholy Creations” manages to maintain its novelty and entertainment value. There are many more moments of puppet mayhem, and the appearances of the rare puppet characters Torch and Djinn. It’s a shame that neither of these characters ever made it past the second film, since they managed to be creative concepts that never quite progressed in to the mythos. Should a reboot ever occur, I’d love to see them return in full form.

Along with a re-mastered re-release on Blu-Ray from Full Moon Entertainment, the company offers fans some new features to chew on. There’s a three minute introduction from Full Moon founder Charles Band who, from the set of Puppet Master X, discusses the future of Full Moon and Blu-Ray. There’s an audio commentary from Charles Band who discusses the production of the film and the series, and ponders on the special effects and how they affected the films in the series. There’s a twenty one minute Video Zone from the original VHS that looks at the production of “Puppet Master II” as well as other Full Moon films, a two minute montage of the puppets in action, and a two minute commercial for Full Moon toys and merchandise. I’m not sure why “His Unholy Creations” was eliminated, but that doesn’t mar a great re-release from Full Moon with restored picture quality of a damn good horror film, and some top notch features that fans will adore.

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