Alyas Batman en Robin (1991)

Holy Smokes, Batman and Robin! Oh my god, Batman and Robin! Praise the lord, Batman and Robin! Shoot now, shoot, Batman and Robin! Let’s Do Bruce Wayne now, Let’s do Dick Grayson now! They Are Apart of Me!

Come on, everybody sing along! What does “Alyas Batman en Robin” teach us? It’s always a good idea for any crime boss to gun down their own henchmen when they manage to apprehend new fire arms for their operation. No new henchmen to do your bidding? Hell, just hire new ones, they’re always available in the trades I assume. When you’re holding up a bank, it’s good to have a musical number while holding people at gun point. And the bank tellers will be so inspired by your musical prowess they’ll dance along while you sing. Crime bosses apparently do nothing but sit in their mansions donning their costumes awaiting guests like Catwoman does. Batman oddly has his own brand of tea and milk ready in the bat cave.

Also when you’re training to become Batman and Robin, playing billiards is a part of the master set of skills you’ll need to fight crime with, apparently. “Alyas Batman en Robin” takes much of its inspiration from the Adam West Batman series, in spite of the fact that the Tim Burton Batman film arrived in theaters three years prior to this mock up from the Phillipines. But lo and behold, it has its hands firmly placed in the sixties Adam West show for narrative ideas and characterization. There’s really no use bashing a film of such novelty like “Alyas Batman en Robin” because it’s such a product of surreal fandom picking it apart would be like tripping a blind kid. It’s so easy, drawing laughter from it would be pointless. “Alyas Batman an Robin” has a hopelessly convoluted plot that makes absolutely no sense in the long run, but what really matters is that its stars are able to run around fighting crime and imitating their favorite comic book characters.

The two heroes of the movie love Batman and Robin so much they become them and even tailor their car to look like the Batmobile, while their friend Joscon is such an avid fan of the Joker, that he actually becomes a murderous clown king thief along with his crime boss Paeng who becomes the Paenguin! Oh joy! “Alyas Batman en Robin” is suggested only for hardcore Batfans, cineastes with a thirst for cinematic oddities, or the masochistic. The film hardly entertains all the time, but when it’s in its stride, it is such an off the wall fan film that you just can do nothing but shake your head in disbelief. The Philipines churn out one hell of an unusual fan film for the Batman fans in all of us. And while it’s hardly a perfect cinematic experience, it sure does master a sense of insanity and surrealism time and time again.