Black Scorpion (1995)

black-scorpionOnly in a Roger Corman inspired film can you see a super villain who is asthmatic and base their entire gimmick around being asthmatic. But that comes with the territory with this mid-nineties made for Showtime Television movie that I fondly recall re-watching over and over. If only for the brief nudity. But in reality I would have watched anything with superheroes and “Black Scorpion” was right up my alley as a blossoming movie buff showing love for the cult. This Batman-esque trashy crime thriller stars the sexy Joan Severance as Darcy Walker, a cop born and raised who has had enough of the law. Especially when her dad is mysteriously killed by a town politician in cold blood before her eyes.

After becoming too personally involved in the case, she takes to the streets by building herself a really hot dominatrix costume from her old undercover digs including a latex mask and gadgets she lifted off of her police unit. While no one will ever claim “Black Scorpion” is a masterpiece of contemporary action filmmaking, it sure is a lot of fun and has that fun at the charge of Joan Severance who is leggy, busty and absolutely enticing when dressed as her rogue character. Thankfully, like a hot body of water, “Black Scorpion” eases us in to the cheese ever so slowly as the story progresses.

Only when Darcy dons the black costume do we get a sneak peek at her villains of choice, all of which involve some form of feminist gone wrong, and or a dominant man seeking to rule the city. Severance does her best in the role of Black Scorpion, not being relied on much to fight her criminals, so she gets a few shots in that allow her to remain the alpha superhero in her city without revealing the flaws in the choreography. “Black Scorpion” is admittedly a cheese and absolutely campy hero origin tale that takes advantage of the C grade special effects and acting from the cast and delivers a romp that is something quite satisfying to sit through and never goes too over the top.

You have to love how a normal car thief can build a Scorpion-mobile from scratch, or how Black Scorpion can disappear and outrun everyone in the blink of an eye. Watching it again after so many years it still holds up considerably as a movie not to be taken too seriously, and if you watch it with the ability to divorce yourself from high expectations, it might please on some gut level as it did me. Did I mention how hot Severance is? Still a cheesy and awfully campy superhero schlock gem, “Black Scorpion” is a goofy but rather entertaining comic book romp that uses its resources well, and knows how to flaunt its leggy sexy star completely.