Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)

One thing DC is really good at is providing us with animated movies that act as prologues and or inbetweenquels for their big budget movies and for the Green Lantern they’ve pulled out all the stops with a film that is something of a prologue. It’s not so much a prologue as it is a look at another day at the GL Corps, and “Emerald Knights” is an anthology of tales from the corps that isn’t just meant to give viewers a refresher course on the characters, but to give them an idea of what we’re looking at should “Green Lantern” potentially reach franchise status.

2009 gave us a look at the Green Lantern and his first mission ever which chronicled the life of Hal Jordan and his confrontation with potential evil Sinestro. DC has made it very clear not to create a movie that can act as a suitable replacement for the live action movie, so while “First Flight” was a dazzling bit of action science fiction, it wasn’t technically a GL movie. “Emerald Knights” is also just a prologue anthology film that doesn’t technically qualify as a Green Lantern movie so much as it does filler. Taking up the mantle of the Lantern is rightful heir to the role Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan, the first human in a line of lantern police who leads the charge with this eighty minute film showing just another day at the corps. With the death of one of their own, they welcome in a new Lantern, another human in the corps.

What with her inability to comprehend what lies before her, young Arisia is mentored by fellow human being Hal Jordan who explains–in chapters–the origins of the Lantern. From the beginning, to the first Lantern ever created, Kilowog’s entrance in to the military and inevitably the Corps, right down to war stories, “Emerald Knights” is in no shortage of material for Lantern buffs looking to the movie to guide them the rest of the way. For all intents and purposes the animation is amazing, illuminating the screen with hues of greens that keep the Lantern universe fascinating to witness, all the while the voice cast does a bang up job.

I loved Henry Rollins as Kilowog, and Elizabeth Moss seems the natural voice for Arisia, the reluctant heroine tasked with the ring. And who can forget Nathan Fillion who has a blast as this role he was meant for. DC and Warner are never above giving fans what they want in terms of animated heroics and action, and “Emerald Knights” is filled with space adventures as well lip service to fans eagerly awaiting the movie as some characters have yet to show their full intentions toward the corps. One thing is for sure, with Marvel dominating the cinemas, it’s a surefire bet DC has them on the ropes when it comes to animated fare, and that counts for something.

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