Insecticidal (2005)

insecticidal“Maggoty cannibal girls don’t get dates!”

Bitchy (but hot) Josi is throwing the party of the week at her sorority house, where booze runs heavy and gorgeous women scamper around. The only sister not having fun is her own. Young Cami is a scientist and geeky (but hot) aspiring entomologist who worships bugs and garners her own bug zoo in her room. On a bitchy tirade, Josi storms in to Cami’s room and kills all of her bugs with spray. Unfortunately the spray has counteracted with the chemicals Cami has fed them and now the bugs are alive, the size of Buick’s and ready to munch on some busty party goers!

It seems these days now with the advent of low budget films becoming ever more easily accessible, and computer special effects becoming much more available to filmmakers with the skill for animation, we’re seeing much more bugs turning into gigantic monsters stalking poor saps in jungles, caves, cities, and woods. The good thing is I’m not averse to the giant bug sub-genre when they’re done right. From “Them” to “Eight Legged Freaks” what’s not to love about giant bug films when done with enough humor and talent? They’ve been the fodder of B cinema since as far back as I can remember.

Jeffery Lando’s monster mash is firmly entrenched in the schlock arena, it’s a guiltless and shameless piece of exploitation that is so based around the sexy female cast, even the bugs want to strip them naked and mount them. Lando fills the screen with bouncy busty sexy women, all of whom become heroines and cannon fodder over the course of this horror comedy that will induce some sporadic laughs and occasional eye rolls (watch a cast member mispronounce blaspheming) from fans of B movie cinema. The monsters are all fairly grotesque with scorpions and spiders making the rounds along with leeches who spray white puss and latch on to their victims mercilessly.

This makes for some considerably wretched kill scenes with a mounting body count of disgusting corpses mangled by these beasts, and Lando knows how to chop his scenes just right where we can enjoy the carnage without noting the apparent low budget. The respective cast all give strong performances including Rhonda Dent and Vicky Huang, but the stand out is Samantha McLeod who is memorable as Cami’s unabashed lesbian best friend who watches over her and presents some ulterior motives.


And now a Samantha McLeod Break.

Lando stuffs all of these gorgeous women and buff men in to this small house and pairs them against these monstrous predators, one of whom has taken on the form of bitch supreme Josi, now a cannibalistic menace. “Insecticidal” is one of the few rare titles in the B grade sci-fi horror cinema that is considerably micro-budget, but embraces its low tech production qualities offering up a hilarious and sexy good time with some gruesome special effects and nonsensical climax. This is pure mid-eighties Charles Band Vestron Video glory, a B movie fit for the monster lovers who enjoy watching gorgeous busty sorority girls kicking ass and being ravaged by giant bugs. Lando has a genuine cult gem and it’s a title that deserves to be watched by open minded horror lovers.