Logan (2012)

One of my soft spots whenever reviewing movies sent to us by indie filmmakers is fan films. It’s become a genre onto itself, and most times can be a platform for fan boys who happen to be creative filmmakers. That’s a lethal combination that can amount to a wonderful fan service you can’t get from Hollywood.

From Swedish filmmakers Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft comes “Logan,” a short twist on the familiar property from Marvel Entertainment that makes good use of its budget to provide fans with a small moment in a very popular anti-hero’s life. I could already see from minute one where “Logan” was building up to, but that didn’t hamper my pure enjoyment of this small thriller in where a young man is captured and interrogated. Warning of extreme pain and torture to come, two mobsters anxiously try to discover their hostage’s name, and try to uncover his identity by means of physical violence and torture.

In the final moments, the young man reveals his identity and unleashes a barrage of violence on them that makes them regret ever setting eyes on him. “Logan” is a really good budgeted short fan film that offers some really entertaining and dark glimpses at an iconic character, and it’s a short story I truly wanted to see more of. Directors Andreas Climent and André Hedetoft pay tribute to one of their most beloved comic book characters with a low key and dark short look at a moment in his life where he unleashed his rage on men who needed a good dose of justice. X-Men fans need apply.