Miracle in the Rain (1956)


 I’m glad “Miracle in the Rain” turned out to be a great romance, because I was pretty much disappointed by the Valentine’s packet Warner Home Video sent over to review. “Miracle in the Rain” is mostly just a show for Van Johnson. Johnson, ever the versatile entertainer, really shines well in “Miracle in the Rain,” a romance drama about a soldier on leave who meets a young woman one day and sparks a romance with her. Their relationship is lovely right from the get go, as Johnson’s character Art seems to break the shell of Wyman’s introverted Ruth. He sparks conversations, almost interrupts her life, and she is a better person for it. “Miracle in the Rain” is one of many war time romance dramas about the effects of World War II on the world and the individuals within it.

This is of course one of the many romances that were shattered thanks to the world wars. Van Johnson gives a great performance as this charming and rather talkative man who manages to inspire Ruth to be a much different person. Wyman is a sweet and tragic character whose loss of Art inspires some of the most wrenching moments of the film. The feeling that the loss is apparent and that a certain part of Ruth’s life is suddenly gone is focused on, and will surely make for some of the most heart aching moments here. “Miracle in the Rain” is a film that also displays the apparent beauty of New York, and all the wonders it’s capable of in this moment of time.

All the great landmarks are featured including Central Park, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and much like Woody Allen’s films, with the story, you also get a look at the beauties of New York City. All and all, “Miracle in the Rain” had me on the brink of tears most of the time in the second half, and I’ll make an admission, I almost broke a few times. Wyman’s desperation is so powerful, and the film takes a deeper more dramatic tone, and it only gets sadder, as Ruth attempts to make up for her loss in the most unusual and saddest ways, and Wyman gives a hell of a performance. “Miracle in the Rain” is a heartbreaking and tear jerking war time romance, with great performances by Van Johnson and Jane Wyman and should be seen for anyone who has ever lost someone they held dear in their lives. It’s a rare film worth a watch, and I was blubbering like a baby the whole time.