Shrek 2 (2004)

The question always is: was there really a need for a sequel? The answer is no, but when there’s money to be made, Hollywood will do anything to make sure there’s another film no matter how pointless, or awful if it’s mildly successful. I liked “Shrek”, I thought it was a one of a kind animated comedy that was actually funny. Then I watched “Shrek 2” and was appropriately disappointed. I went in to this movie with a lot of optimism because I liked the original film so much, but this was just a lagging effort, and it becomes painfully clear within thirty minutes in this movie that the producers and all the stars got big fat pay raises to come back for this.

And thirty minutes in to this I just got so pissed off because when you cut through all the gags, puns, and get down to the story, this is unfortunately just another variation on the “Meet The Parents” film. Can I just say how utterly annoyed I am that that piece of crap movie continues to be imitated again and again and was especially imitated in this. This has “we wanted more money” written all over this from the slow story, over-used romantic drama, and parading around of a plot that just wasn’t as three dimensional as the first film to begin with. In this Shrek and Fiona are happily married and now to make it official we’re introduced to the most ridiculous plot device, Fiona wants Shrek to meet her parents despite being well aware of the implications, meanwhile I’m sitting there shouting, “This is just an animated “Meet the Parents”!” How stupid do they expect audiences to be?

One of the films main flaws is its dull edged humor. The original film’s humor was sharp and very quick witted, but this just lacks in the spontaneity that made the first film such an enjoyable film. In the midst of the often uninteresting and very boring drama of Shrek and Fiona’s romance, this forgets it’s actually a comedy geared to children despite it’s risqué humor. I found much of the drama between Fiona and Shrek and Shrek’s attempts to save her from the clutches of the super-vain prince charming to be so uninteresting and I wanted to get straight to the gags and see an actual story I cared about.

Fiona went from a spunky goofy heroine to a damsel in distress, and Shrek is drastically altered from the first film. In the original, Shrek was proud and comfortable in being an ogre, but suddenly here he’s insecure? It seemed like a very poor development character-wise and I just didn’t care about anything that went on here in the very drab mood and utterly pointless showcasing of the Fairy Godmother. The writers just don’t seem to remember how to re-capture the original’s wild mood and botch it in to a pointless sequel. While still funny, and voiced with great enthusiasm by the great cast, I was disappointed by the film and ultimately this was just a pointless sequel with barely any humor, a drab plot, and a concept that is so derivative, it really angered me.