Stan Lee Presents Mosaic (2006)

stan_lee_presents_mosai“Mosaic” lured me because, well, anything these days that doesn’t look like quasi-anime made just gets a pass with me, and “Mosaic” gets a pass for looking like honest to goodness animation. “Mosaic” is made up to look like a moving comic book. Wherein the recent Marvel cheap-o cash-ins, “Mosaic,” from Stan Lee’s Company “Pow” entertainment, seeks to be unique, while also possessing the same novelty of a comic, fonts and all. But don’t let the animation fool you, it’s not something I’d suggest for anyone under fifteen, basically because watching the villain break a guard’s neck, was something that drew a furrow of the brow. But hey, the writing by Scott Lobdell paired with Anna Paquin’s name really drew me to this fantasy actioner, I must say.

Maggie is an aspiring actress whose dad is an adventurer and special investigator. After being hurt by a mysterious alien, Maggie is endowed with the powers of a race of chameleon people who have special abilities. Learning her abilities to read people’s DNA, as well discovering a variety of different powers which include masquerading as random folks on the street. What’s most interesting about “Mosaic” is that it bears a clever unofficial connection to the Spider-Man universe making the allusion that the chameleon people here are the possible race of the Spider-Man villain “The Chameleon,” while the villain Mannequin has an undeniable resemblance to the villain. Though if you’re searching for something you haven’t seen before, then you’d probably be more successful looking elsewhere. “Mosaic” doesn’t strive for complete originality.

A girl struck by lightning, who is brainy yet attractive, and really learns her powers by accident with sequences resembling Spider-Man, it’s all been done before and then some. I was searching for something new in this generic hero tale. But there simply was nothing here that popped or promised to stick in my collective memory. I won’t remember the lame villain’s grand plot a week from now, I won’t remember what Maggie’s last name was. All I’ll remember is that “Mosaic” really hasn’t covered any ground that’s never been covered by others. It’s not a memorable film, and it’s barely good. “Mosaic” is otherwise a passable and cute film about a female superhero that just seems to have a ball demonstrating these powers of hers. These days it’s almost a rule to have superheroes that brood, and Maggie is a welcome change.

She has fun, like Spider-Man, and accepts her role as this savior who has to rescue her father, when he’s kidnapped. Anna Paquin’s voice work is crisp, and she makes the character likable and a lot less artificial in her blonde dreamy eyed frame. The story of the chameleon race, and its lore is fascinating with Maggie set on her mission, and facing the fact that her father may become her worst enemy as the events unfold. The animation can tend to falter, but it’s an all around competent production with more attempts to topple the two-dimensional hand drawn universe our tale sets down on. “Mosaic” is the name of Maggie’s partner in unveiling the plot of the evil Mannequin, and it’s also the title of a pretty entertaining superhero flick. Ultimately, I would have had much more fun watching Anna Paquin jump rope, but for what it tries to bring to the table, “Mosaic” is a cute and entertaining little hero fantasy. I’m a sucker for them.