Nintendo: Oldschool Revolution (2006)

earBy2wSick of those films that have humongous battles, wars with mythological creatures, a leader of a mass army giving his legion of soldiers a large dramatic pep talk on the battlefield, fantasy stories about revenge, and wizards, all battling to fight an evil legion of soldiers whom want to take over the world? Well, stop. And watch at least one more. But this gigantic film’s hero is not a hobbit, or a knight of the round table, this hero is a–plumber. Seriously. Take your stigma for these films and put it on hold, and watch Larry Longstreth’s new hilarious short film that really puts a new meaning to the game wars.

Longstreth who created the very popular short film “Zombies in my Neighborhood” has returned once more with a wild and interesting take on the game wars, and the domination of the X-Box and PSP (including a traitorous ally: Megaman) over the old Nintendo characters whom have now gone out of work. Mario has died, and his brother Luigi has vowed to seek vengeance on the soldiers from “Halo” whom have taken him out mercilessly. By his brother’s grave, he vows to take them on, even when the odds are against him, and he does so by the combined power of the old characters from Nintendo. Donkey Kong, Link, the fellas from Double Dragon, everyone you can think of, and more. And now it’s war. Longstreth obviously knows how to write comedy and inserts much of that biting humor within this gaming spoof that’s both a very sharp satire, and an interesting take on these defunct characters taking on a new life and adult nature.

He takes the characters from Nintendo and adds a new twist to them in the vein of “Lord of the Rings” and it’s fun to see these characters prepare for a large war just to avenge one of the elder characters from Nintendo. Meanwhile, the animation by Jacob Drake is pretty top notch for what you can basically consider a low-budget online short film, the animation is on par with the quality in the nineties and really mixes the simple animation required for including the old Nintendo characters, and modern technology. And the voice work is great as Longstreth, as well is the inclusion of many now obscure video game characters.

Spotted are Starfox, Pikachu, the Double Dragon brothers, Earthworm Jim, and Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies as Longstreth and his team seems to have spent many hours researching these characters recognizable only to the people who grew up playing Nintendo and Sega. This is not only a dedication to the old classic games, but basically an excellent satire on the video game world. Longstreth takes defunct characters, gives them new life, and one final stand against the new dominant species of video gaming. Longstreth once again creates a funny, and witty homage to the gaming world of old with classic characters that come to life once again to take action thanks to he and his team of animators and actors. “Revolution” is a fun, and exciting short that really has to be seen by those who played Nintendo as a child.