Ali G Indahouse

“Ali G Indahouse” is a lot like that funny joke you told someone, and you kept telling it to people; and the more you told it, the less funny it got. That’s the sad thing here that Sasha Baron Cohen should have learned; sometimes you just can’t take a funny character and extend it into an hour and a half film because it’s very hard to muster up enough material for a large amount of time. It’s not that “Ali G Indahouse” is bad—well it’s bad—but it’s also unfunny, very unfunny. Not once did I laugh, not even with Martin Freeman from “The Office” co-starring, not once did I chuckle or guffaw, seriously this was so damn stupid and painfully obvious in its jokes.

From being shined by a blind man strapped to a gate, to “Three’s Company” type sexual confusion situations, to yelling “booyakasha”, a once funny catchphrase, at every damn minute of the film, it was all so damn obvious and ridiculous to watch. Now, don’t get me wrong, anyone who reads my reviews knows I love British comedy, and I’m a fan of Ali G’s, but this is just such a stupid film. Cohen exhausts everything that makes his character funny in here, from his cliché shtick of a white man trying to act gangsta, to a wannabe gangsta calling women bitches and hoes, yelling “booyakasha” and “respek”; gimme a break. This is embarrassing.

The film makes no sense whatsoever. And then there the ridiculously hot Rhona Mitra whose made the usual straight man/love interest as these women always are in these types of comedies as she’s here only to react to his antics looking as if she lost a bet to star alongside Cohen here. Ali G in five minute sketches? Hilarious spoofing, and great sticking it to the uptight politicians, Ali G in an hour and a half film?

A stupid idiotic, homophobic moron who isn’t worth watching, and how did that happen? What was lost in the translation from small sketches into large story? I have no idea, but the end result was not funny. People who watch this film before his show will be turned off immediately, and won’t bother to check out the great comedy he brings about in his sketch show, but trust me, watch the show first, don’t bother with this idiocy. This is such a dreadful attempt to market on Ali G’s fame and he should be embarrassed with himself for such a trite, bland predictable piece of garbage that didn’t spark a bit of laughter from me.