Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)

'Charlie's Angels : Full Throttle

This loud messy film was just as bad as the original, and possibly worse for wasting great actors. This hour and a half messy, loud, clumsy and clunky cartoonish action flick pulls a double dose of terrible with a plotline so predictable it might have come off the show. In an attempt to retrieve some magical rings which hold information, the angels must confront an evil ex-angel Madison Lee who betrays the Charlie the talking box and wants to corrupt the agency. Now the girls must confront her henchman before Madison discovers the identity of every client under the government’s witness protection program. Perhaps if approached more seriously and perhaps if given three leads who could actually act, we’d probably had seen a decent action flick. The three leads ham it up, and look as if they’ve been on Ritalin acting like a bunch of bubble headed numbskulls.

Then we’re supposed to believe their talented secret agents who are masters of disguise, yet they don’t seem to realize their disguises are rather awful and they always seem to look the same. Heaven forbid we should forget who they are. Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz, poor choices and grossly miscast and it’s apparent during the viewing of the film as they commit to their roles like amateurs and are led by a director who couldn’t pull off a good film if he tried. The entirety of the movie is spent focusing on the three leads, their acting, their “comedy”, and especially their bodies. The supporting cast is tools; Moore is underused playing a one-dimensional villain that has little to no screen time playing second fiddle to the main cast.

Bernie Mac is wasted so much its criminal; he plays Bosley’s cousin who doesn’t take enough of a role in the film, but when he’s onscreen he’s funnier than everyone and is a scene stealer. The story is paper thin and is used as a background for a lot of computer effects containing a lot of flying, explosions, car chases, ridiculous fight scenes, and, the frustratingly tired effect of slow-motion bullet shooting ala “The Matrix.” The dialogue is even worse comprised of bad puns, and cheesy one-liners galore. Simply, “Full Throttle” is a giant commercial with ads and product placement galore, a film that is given soft treatment for the potential of making money. “Full Throttle”is an awful sequel to a terrible film, garnering an array of talented actors that it puts to waste only to spotlight the three leads. It’s one of the worst films of 2003.