Christina's House (2001)


A young girl named Christina (the insanely hot Allison Lange) has just moved into her new home with her father and brother and begins to re-adjust to life while their mother remains in an insane asylum. Suddenly, odd things begin to happen: people get killed near the home, half eaten cookies and freshly made sandwiches are discovered lying around the house, and windows and doors lock by themselves while strange notes are found. Christina soon begins to wonder if the incidents are real, or if she’s losing her mind like her mother.

I really enjoyed the movie simply because of its storyline. I thought it was original in explaining whether the house is inhabited by ghosts or not and the weird connection it had to Christina’s psycho mom which sets up the ending for a creepy and tense finale. Brad Rowe, surprisingly, is great as the psycho and looks really creepy in his role. I was actually intimidated by his character and felt he was a good addition to the movie. I loved the weird horror devices the house gave the movie and the opening scene of the movie enabled me to become very interested in the story. Plus, Allison Lange is fun to look at which is a plus. It doesn’t help that she is supported by a horde of bad actors including John Savage who is her workaday father. He was hilarious in his dramatic parts often going over board with the drama and screaming at the top of his lungs in very unnecessary moments.

The writers decided to add sort of a incestuous undertone between the father daughter character of Christina and James which was completely out of place in the storyline. I saw no reason why the writers and directors would add this bit. The main character Christina is a very unlikable and whiney person which makes it hard to root for her or feel sorry for her when she’s going through her ordeals. Not to mention her little brother and best friend character is obnoxious and serves no purpose to help Christina in her ordeals. Brendan Fehr is particularly bad playing Christina’s over-protective boyfriend who scowls and grunts at everyone humorously and helps no one. The movie didn’t emphasize the point of Christina’s main fear of losing her mind, nor did it focus on the weird goings on in the house. Save for the utterly sexy Allison Lange, “Christina’s House” has a fun concept, but is a stinker of a horror film.