Serving Sara (2002)


It’s difficult to see this movie as nothing more than a romantic comedy than a real one. Many of the jokes tend to fall flat on its ears with badly written puns and comebacks often spewed by Perry. This movie has many of the usual elements a humdrum romantic comedy has including the obligatory villain, and the formula in which the characters hate each other at first but soon grow to love each other.

Joe Tyler (Matthew Perry) is a sleazy process server who is having a rather difficult time serving subpoenas to his marks. When a sleazy Millionaire (cult actor Bruce Campbell) divorces his wife (Elizabeth Hurley), Joe must serve her with many obstacles in his way. When they manage to run into each other, she makes him an offer: she’ll give him a million dollars if he serves her husband within twenty-four hours. Now, they must track him down across country while dodging a rival server (Vince Pastore), and a psychotic right-hand man. The writers really leave no stones unturned. Cedric the Entertainer has a horribly unfunny role as Joe’s boss, and has his bit parts in the movie, often displaying his “comedic” shticks with race jokes and dancing and never really even makes me crack a smile.

Vince Pastore also has a lame role as Tyler’s rival in the process serving business and seemed to just be an element of the movie to give the character’s motivation. The small glimmer of entertainment is derived from Bruce Campbell, who gives a hilarious if somewhat small role as the sleazy husband and tycoon Gordon Moore who often dodges Perry throughout the movie. Elizabeth Hurley lights up the screen as usual in the supporting role as the divorced wife vying for revenge against her sleazy husband. She’s a good straight man and an even better hotty. “Serving Sara” is an unfunny, unpleasant romance comedy entry with stale performances by Perry and Hurley, both of whom barely muster up any laughs to fill ten minutes.