Jackass: The Movie (2002)

jackass_movieStill waiting for MTV to pull out a masterpiece from their shops, but still no luck. A bad review and a low rating won’t surprise anyone. It may, in fact, draw people more towards watching this. It’s what ultimately drew me in. This movie is like a car wreck: violent, vicious and intense, but you can’t bear to turn away. This is not a “movie” per se, but more of an uncensored extended episode of the original series. Many of the stunts are scattered throughout the entire movie with no evidence of organizing or editing. The stunts are humorous at times, but most of the time are just plain crude and obnoxious. Many of the sadomasochistic players in the movie perform idiotic and stupid stunts and often laugh like morons on medication when in pain.

In one segment they prepare to have a guy take a dump in a toilet store, but he has to go so bad he ends up dumping on himself while the other guys scramble out of the truck. The two cameramen that follow these idiots around seemed to be in over their heads as most of the time they gagged and stared in utter disbelief. The movie is only an hour and a half but it feels longer… so much longer. I often turned away at most of the stunts and stared in horror at the sheer irresponsibility of these morons who obviously need a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no conservative, and I do enjoy a good laugh but this steps over the line.

There’s nothing to see here except a ton of nudity showing testicles and butts and stuff and Johnny Knoxville doesn’t participate in a lot of the stunts. Most of the extreme stunts are so disgusting and mind-blowing that it seemed like almost watching a snuff film. In the most horrific moment, the guys gather around and begin giving each other paper cuts along the webbing of their feet and on their tongues while the cameramen stare in horror causing one of them to vomit and collapse.

In the most idiotic moment, “Steve-o” snorts Wasabe mustard and begins vomiting all over a sushi counter. Why any of these guys aren’t dead or handicapped is beyond me, but “MTV” seems to award stupidity by giving these guys a movie of their very own. The movie has a lot of vomiting, hard falls to the ground, unnecessary violence and a small toy car being inserted into a rectum. There’s not a lot of imagination. And so, I end this review with a line from Rip Taylor who has a cameo in the finale that best describes what I was thinking: “This is the end. Thank you, Jesus.” Trust me, I’m laughing at you, guys, not with you.