Blade II (2002)

V3gUuryWe meet Blade again, back from the original blockbuster hit from ’98 and he’s still kicking undead ass as much as ever, except now he’s in Europe. In the movie, there are these new evolved vampires called “Reapers” on the loose that are stronger, faster, smarter, cooler, and a lot more scarier than regular vampires. The thing with this species is that they don’t only feed on humans but on vampires as well. Now, a group of trained vampires called the “Blood Pack” enlists blade in helping them eliminate the potential threat. But is there more to their offer than meets the eye?

I liked the original “Blade”, it was pretty good and the action scenes were great, but the only problem with it was the way the Blade character was portrayed. As where in the original he was more of a wussy, in this one he’s a major bad-ass. He was ruthless and unstoppable in his pursuit in stopping the bloodthirsty undead. The enemy is a lot better in this. We have this evolved form of the vampire, who look incredible and are more creepy than any vampire I’ve seen in the movies before. Director Guillermo Del Toro spares no detail in remaining faithful to the blade comic and in providing us with incredible and innovative fight scenes that, (I guarantee) will be copied for a long time.

He manages to mesh computer created fighters and real fighting together making for an incredible and dazzling hybrid that will have people jumping in their seats. The scenery is dark and gloomy and sets the right tone for the perfect villain, as where the original setting felt too generic and artificial. This one is a lot more gorier than the original, making it look like a lightweight. We get to see blood-splatter, broken necks, broken arms, crushed heads and people being sliced in half… and that’s only half of what happens in here. The cast is really great and the character development is good, as where the original, the characters were unlikable and dull.

Towards the middle of the film, this tends to become more horror than action when we see the Reapers attacking and ambushing the vampire hunters one by one. You have to give it up for the directors and producers for giving us a scary villain that was truly feared. At times I felt a little tense when the reapers would attack someone. Me being a comic book fanatic I felt this surpassed the original in every way. This is highly suggested. The inevitable problem with this, is that the second half is slow. The whole plot about the reapers tends to derail and take a sidestep as we foray into a different more elaborate and less interesting plot that involves one of the “Blood Pack” hunters along with an obvious love interest from Blade that seem tacked on. The climactic showdown in the ending is so cartoon-ish and goofy that it was hard not to chuckle a bit through it. A superior, exciting, and creepy if somewhat flawed sequel to the original box-office hit and a hoot to watch.