Mimic 2 (2001)

mimic-2-creatureRiddle me this: Strip away the science, intelligence, mood, and logic that made the original so unique and what are you left with? This piece of inane tripe. Now, granted I didn’t like the original, but it was much better than this. The movie is heavily dependent upon the creature effects which are sub-par at best. In the straight to video sequel to the original science fiction movie, we meet Remi (Mimic, Blood Work), the character from the original who is now a science teacher at an inner city school.

There is a rash of murders across the city where people are found without their faces and the “Mimics” have returned to wreak havoc. This time they have trapped her in a school and one of them is in love with her and will stop at anything to get her. The menacing faceless creatures from the first are resorted to shadows in the distance, and blurs, and when we do, in fact see them we only see a piece of their arms. The special-effects in general are nothing big to talk about and when we see the faces of the creatures, they look like they burst out of a bad Roger Corman movie. The director takes an average scenery and makes it seem isolated as he chooses the school as the hunting ground for the movie.

The tension is very genuine as well as we tend to feel very anxious in high tension moments. The creatures are also resorted to the standards of an almost laughable threat in the movie, never feeling scary at any moment. The movie basically and noticeably takes scenes from the original and re-uses them again and again for this. The acting is laughable as we see a horrible leading lady who can’t act to save her life along with the array of typical supporting characters that are shown in these movies: the loose cannon thug, the annoying little kid, and the obligatory love interest. And to top it all off, we have an ending that is so ridiculous, so laughable and odd that it will make you want to throw this out the window. It’s no surprise this is terrible, considering it’s not much of a step down from the original.