Joy Ride (2001)

Two very very stupid characters dive head first into a barrage of ridiculous moves that ultimately get them in deep. That’s the difference between this and “Duel”. In “Duel”, the main character is an innocent man being torment, throughout this movie, the main characters ask for it. The reason why Paul Walker’s character doesn’t deck Steve Zahn’s character is beyond me. This is somewhat reminiscent of Spielberg’s “Duel”, though the two don’t compare. You never get to see the driver “Rusty Nail” much. I thought it increased the tension of the movie and made him very mysterious.

All we can hear throughout the entire movie is his scratchy creepy voice, which was pretty cool. The truck seems to be a character within itself like in “Duel.” Just in case, “Duel” is a movie directed by Steven Spielberg, about a guy being tormented on the road by a madman in a big black truck. That was the epitome of thrillers even though it was an independent one. I thought the tension and dark dreary settings were cool and made it fun to watch.

This is nothing compared to “Duel”, and the characters just keep making one stupid move after another and I found it irritating to watch at times. Plus, the characters have no depth whatsoever. I found Leelee Sobieski’s character to be as interesting as a piece of fruit, and the two dumb-asses in the leads are just dumb. And just when the movie seems to be taking a turn into scary, they mess it up when the driver gets his revenge the two brothers. How? All I’m saying is, it’s really ridiculous. Buyers beware, it’s a dumb movie.