Texas Rangers (2001)

w964In yet another attempt on Hollywood’s part to re-create the incredible western genre that is rapidly dying, James Van Der Beek of “Dawson’s Creek” fame plays Lincoln Dunnison, a boy who witnessed his entire family get slaughtered by ruthless bandits, for some unknown reason. His life is spared and he now sets out to on a journey to join the famed army of the west, the “Texas Rangers”. Dylan McDermott plays the ex-leader of the famed Texas rangers who is asked to reform them because of a new threat. This bad it’s, really bad.

First off, the plot is so one-dimensional that it makes it hard to watch the movie. Then  out of nowhere we’re introduced to lots of characters who would be interesting had the screenwriter put some emphasis on them. The entire movie could’ve survived on the sole acting of Dylan McDermott who does a great job with his character. Leander Mc Nelly is a cool humble guys whose sidekicks Randy Travis and Robert Patrick are equally cool. Also, the cast is really good and the gunfights are well choreographed. We’re shown hip-hop star Usher Raymond’s character who is the only black man in the army and is trying to prove he is more than a scout, yet the movie puts no emphasis on him.

Then there is McNelly who is dying throughout the flick, but it isn’t shown much and he doesn’t look very sick at all aside from the occasional cough here and there. Come on, give us a Val Kilmer or Dennis Quaid performance, man. Then we have Van der Beek’s character who is barely in this movie, and when he is, is merely interesting, then there’s Ashton Kutcher’s character who is in this. How is he? Think of Kelso’s character from “That 70’s Show” brought to the old west. I thought the entire movie was clichĂ© and one dimensional with admirable attempts at becoming the next “High Noon” but in the end is just another bad Hollywood western farce with a cast of young Hollywood stars and a go nowhere script (See American Outlaws). Good effort, though.