Vanilla Sky (2001)


Unfortunately, this is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. One can find that hard to believe when you have a power packed cast like Tom Cruise, Kurt Russell, and Cameron Diaz along with director Cameron Crowe at the helm. To tell you what I thought of this movie while watching would be too graphic to display, but this is a painful movie to watch.

The cast and director Crowe drag us through this incredibly dull and pretentious movie that attempts to force symbolism and allegories down our throats if only to flex Crowe’s ability to be completely pompous.  Crowe attempts to force us a hokey moral about beauty and what it really means in this world when we’re displayed in the public so often as David is. When he loses his beauty in the car accident, he also begins to rapidly lose his sanity. The movie attempts to become artsy with surreal backdrops, an annoying opening scene, and loopy plot-twist after plot-twist after horrid plot-twist.

And did I mention that the movies two lead character fumble their way through this movie attempting to have chemistry and charm yet only coming off as obnoxious and contrived? Tom Cruise smiles in just about every shot in this movie trying to look boyishly cute, along with the terrible actress Penelope Cruz who also makes many attempts to seem charming and profound but comes off equally annoying. Every character in this movie spouts intellectually challenged and trite dialogue that made me cringe in my seat.

Women, if you watch this to check out Tom Cruise, save your money, because it is two and half hours of your life you’ll never get back. It’s baffling how this movie could have been a blockbuster. I would have liked to see when this was out in theaters. I could imagine people sleeping in their seats, and many others walking out towards the middle. Sadly, Cameron’s effort in to the dark and gritty is a mind-numbing endeavor. “Vanilla Sky” can be summed up as a truly horrible waste of money and talent and two and a half hours I’ll never get back.