Mission: Impossible 2 (2000)


This is the action-packed sequel to the atrocious, confusing, and dull “Mission: Impossible” based on the show from the 60’s. Now. this is a change from the confusing original and a very good sequel. It’s about an agent from IMF who steals a very deadly virus. Ethan Hunt is enlisted by Anthony Hopkins who tells him to enlist three members for his team to retrieve virus. One of which is the beautiful Nyah who Ethan falls in love with. The story is a lot more simpler than the first movie. Tom Cruise is a lot more agile and acrobatic in this. He also shows off his fighting chops a lot. The characters are very interesting, especially the villain played by Dougray Scott.

I’ve never seen such an interesting villain since Ed Harris in “The Rock.” The action is very original. The best action sequence though has to be the big showdown in the end with Cruise and Scott on the beach. Classic! The action, tension, and story are all in the right places. MI2 is highly recommended for all action fans or fans of the movies. This will go down on my list as the better sequels. Once again, though the plot is simpler, the plot is also extremely confusing and annoying at times. There are plot holes, and scenes that absolutely make no sense. There also seemed to be a lot of masquerading and mask pulling. You’ll see what I mean when you see the movie.

In the original “MI”, there’s one or two sequences with the mask pulling, but in here it was done at least seven or eight times. Word of advice to Hollywood: Don’t overdo a good thing. Another factor that really really peeved me off was, where is the rest of the team? This is “Mission: Impossible”, not “The Adventures of Ethan Hunt”. Let’s see some other characters do some stunts and espionage stuff. Let’s make this a team thing. This is a less confusing and more exciting sequel to the first with great fight scenes and stunts. I enjoyed it.