Cool as Ice: And Other Assorted 90's Nonsense

8lrY1SKA Few interesting facts about “Cool as Ice”: It’s never been released on DVD and the chances of it being on Blu-Ray are slim, Gwyneth Paltrow nearly took the role opposite Vanilla Ice as his love interest but was advised against it by her father who objected the sexual content, on the rare VHS is available on auction for nearly five hundred dollars, and director David Kellogg disowned the film. He later went on to direct “Inspector Gadget” in 1999.

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Cinema Crazed's Top 10 Worst Films of All Time

10. Batman and Robin
Directed by: Joel Schumacher
Not even the Filipino and Turkish rip off s of Batman are as bad as this abomination that embraces Batman more than the previous films, but in exchange, rounds out a diasterpiece that’s unwatchable, embarrassing, and ruined the careers of nineties up and comers Chris O’Donnell and Alicia Silverstone. Only because of his connections and willingness to carve out relevant and excellent films was George Clooney able to come out of this unwatchable farce with barely a scratch. Now wholly diving in to homoerotic imagery and the like, Batman and Robin are a bickering couple of crime fighters who want to struggle for power and fame among Gotham’s citizens.

They run around in bright costumes, fighting other glittery thugs, and even have skates on their boots. What’s missing is a make out scene between Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne. To cut the inherent sexual tension between the two men, the film brings aboard two feminine personalities in the form of Batgirl and Poison Ivy, both of whom have little to do but entice the dynamic duo. “Batman and Robin” is a low in cinema and comic book adaptations that tests my endurance every time I try to sit down and watch it the entire way through.

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