The New Three Stooges: Complete Cartoon Collection (DVD)


I’m a proud Three Stooges fan, raised by two comedy loving parents that taught me to appreciate the classic vaudevillian trio. From Shemp, and Curly, to Curly Joe, I really love the Stooges and their antics. In 1965, Cambria Studios took advantage of their teaming with Curly Joe DeRita, and produced a two season long animated series for the Stooges. Though the animated series has very crude animation, and tones down the physical gags immensely, it’s still a fun and charming little vehicle for the trio of comedy legends.

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Our Top Five Comedy Teams

With the release of the big screen remake of “The Three Stooges” coming soon to theaters, we’re anxiously awaiting the audience reaction to this attempt at reviving the old team. Will audiences and critics be accepting of this effort? Or will it bomb out big time? Nevertheless, watching three modern actors attempt to capture the magic of the Three Stooges got us to thinking about some of our favorite comedy teams of all time and we compiled a list of five our favorites that we continue to visit time and time again in film and television.

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