Airborne (1993)


Director Rob Bowman’s 1993 inline skating dramedy “Airborne” is the most nineties-est film of the entire decade, and damn it, I love it. It’s so 90’s, it automatically cancels out “Empire Records” and “Clueless,” combined. I suspect Warner and Bowman expected to begin a brand new nationwide rad inline skating craze with “Airborne,” by pandering to their love for all things extreme and edgy of the sport. Including long hair, surfing, flannel, hockey, and an extreme final race that’s so extreme it’s extra-eme.

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Ten Reasons Why We Love Seth Green

Seth Green has built up an incredible body of work. Spanning almost four decades, Mr. Green has managed to rise from his start as a child actor, and survived the infamous curse of the child star to carve a career for himself in the mainstream, and cult arena. Seth Green has set foot in every corner of Hollywood imaginable, and he just continues re-inventing himself and taking bold moves with his career. He’s had plenty of flops (ahem–“Without a Paddle”), and many mediocre jobs (“Can’t Hardly Wait”), but Green still comes out ahead in the end. This is due to his personable nature, his humility, his ability to connect with geeks and fanboys eye to eye since he is one, and because he is one of the most daring comedic actors alive today. He takes risks, and when he’s in the zone he can inspire raucous laughter from everyone.

People love Seth Green, and we do too. Whether it’s earning the love of comedy fans in his role as the demented Chris Griffin on “Family Guy,” keeping the love of nineties kids with his role as Wiley in “Airborne,” gaining the attention of action fans in films like “The Italian Job” and “Knockaround Guys,” or earning indie cred in the abysmal “Party Monster,” Seth Green is never afraid to try something new with his career and take a chance on a project. What’s more is he always seems to enjoy doing favors for his close circle of friends adding his credit to their work. Seth Green is a very popular entity who can act, write, and pretty much shill his stuff shamelessly on shows like “The Soup” without coming off pathetic. It’s because he’s so damn funny and likable. Here are ten reasons why we love Seth Green.

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Sex Drive (2008)

248That’s the thing I love about teen sex comedies, the sheer fantasy element where in the main character’s environment is filled with busty, skinny, hot girls in every single place imaginable. I mean they practically live in the Amazon for Christ sake. This is a world where even the frumpy best friend who secretly likes our protagonist is very good looking in spite of the makeup artists best efforts to make them look very plain and unattractive (it doesn’t work, Amanda Crews is mind blowing). You never see seventy year olds or obese women walking the halls of the mall our hero Ian works in, so naturally “Sex Drive” was a fun little comedy to sit through, because it honestly doesn’t try to be anything more than a high energy time waster.

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Knockaround Guys (2001) (DVD)

Knockaround_GuysI went into this movie with generally low expectations, I mean with a movie that was shelved constantly for nearly four years and re-shot numerously, I had no doubt this would be a flop. Those expectations seemingly helped this movie, because I was pleasantly surprised. Probably the most intriguing part of the movie is Barry Pepper’s character that wants badly to be one of the guys in the mob but can’t find the strength to pull a trigger. He pulls the Brooklyn accent off well, and never goes over the top. He’s a regular guy who wants to work like everyone else but can’t quite get past the name. He tough and intimidating and very likeable as well. Seth Green is his usual self but is likeable all at the same time; he’s annoying and irritating but he serves his purpose as the character.

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