Pan (2015) [Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital]


Another in a line of 2015 films I really wanted to love, “Pan” left me bored, and asking did we really need a prequel? Did we really need to end the movie on Peter and Captain Hook giving one another uncomfortable glances knowing soon they’d become deadly nemeses? Why is Captain Hook called Hook if he doesn’t even have a Hook? Why is Tiger Lily played by a Lily White Actress? Hey, at least Hollywood keeps giving consistently flat Rooney Mara jobs, and turns Tiger Lily in to the heroine of a movie that’s supposed to be about Peter Pan. Or is he Peter who is a Pan? Or is he a Pan Warrior Named Peter?

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The 5 Most Underrated Fantasy Films of the Last Fifteen Years

Ever since “Lord of the Rings” broke the bank in the box office, studios have been searching far and wide for books to adapt in to big films and eventually series. With “Harry Potter,” “The Chronicles of Nania,” and “Twlight” proving a humongous success, studios are not stopping their search for new series. There’s no limit to the kinds of books they’ll bank roll for a movie series, as we’ve seen with the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey.” With every successful film series launch, there have been some fantasy films that have fallen by the wayside, and these are five we consider vastly underrated.

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Hook (1991)

Say what you want about “Hook.” Many people do. And many movie fans love it because it’s been a part of their childhood. Those who didn’t have the fortune of watching “Hook” as a child consider the 1991 Peter Pan throwback to be a gaudy Spielberg misfire dripping with sap. By virtue of nostalgia, “Hook” is still great. But as a fan of JM Barrie’s “Peter Pan” novel, and the mythos in general, “Hook” is a solid effort, that still manages to pack in the entertainment at all corners. True, it’s by no means a mastepiece with cloying acting by most of the child stars, and some odd casting. I mean, bringing aboard Robin Williams as the dashing Neverland warrior is still poor casting, and while Williams does his best, the movie suffers with him on board.

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Finding Neverland (2004)

I love the story of Peter Pan, I love the legend and myth, I love the allegory Peter Pan represents, and I love the peanut butter. Peter Pan was always my favorite story as a child simply because it was a young boy who could fly and fight, fighting a man twice his size who had a hook for a hand, it was great! But on the other hand, Pan was a deeper symbol for childhood and having to grow up and let go of childish things.

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Peter Pan (2003)


The millionth adaptation of the iconic kids epic written by J.M. Barrie gets a more faithful, loyal, and perhaps a darker edgier tone this time with the contemporary version directed by P.J. Hogan of “Muriel’s Wedding” who gives incredible and stunning direction this time around providing very entertaining adventure fare for all ages. I love the story of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie created a timeless allegory about the child in everyone, and how it’s always good to reconnect with the magic that made childhood so amazing, not to mention it’s a damn fun fairy tale. P.J. Hogan whose filmography consists mostly of low-key films creates an stunning landscape with Neverland that I haven’t seen in years.

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